Candidate For 1960s Legacy Representative: Louise Lamby

Louise Centofanti Lamby
Louise Centofanti Lamby

Name: Louise Centofanti Lamby 
Pledge Class/Year: Spring ’63/ June 1965
Officer Position: Legacy Rep 1960s

As a prospective officer & leader of the ODPAA, what do you consider your greatest strengths? Weaknesses?

In summing up my strengths, I would have to say that I strive for tolerance, loyalty, fairness, and a sense of humor. In the context of this position, I must confess to limited technological skills.

I will be 75 on my next birthday. Good Lord willing……..

Please describe accomplishments in your career and personal life that would benefit the ODPAA.

In my 37year tenure as a vocal music teacher, I honed both my organizational and interpersonal skills. These have served me well in working with many thousands of students as well as colleagues, administrators, and parents. These transferred to my active participation and leadership in community organizations and my church where I served on council for 9 years and led a fellowship group for about 20 years. I have been married to Ed for 51 years, and together we have raised two sons and now have the joy of spending a great deal of time with our two “adorable” grandchildren. One doesn’t go through this life without learning about give and take. This is a perspective I bring to the table.

What is your vision for the future of the ODPAA? What changes would you advocate and why?

My vision for the future is unity. The intergenerational nature of our association provides us with gifts and challenges. We can certainly learn from one another, but realistically we have been shaped by the societal norms of our generations. However, if we focus on our commonality, our sisterhood, we can overcome our differences and move forward together as one. Without unity, our future is bleak.

If elected or re-elected, please describe what you seek to accomplish:

  • Within your first 90 days
  • Within your first year
  • Within your full term

In 90 days, one year, and full term, my goals are communication, inspiration, and support. I will endeavor to reach out to more of my constituents, the sisters of the sixties. And realizing that the majority actually are in their 60s or even 70s, I will try to inspire them to reconnect with their sisters and become a part of ODPAA. Furthermore, I will try to provide support to my sisters and our sisterhood to the best of my ability.

What does Omega Delta Phi mean to you? Please describe your experience as both an active member and an alumni.

To me, Omega has been a source of great joy. Not that we didn’t hit some bumps in the road, but we endured, we survived, and throughout the years we have flourished. Personally, I have experienced lifelong relationships. More than friends, we are sisters. I have known the pain of loss, but have also danced at weddings and become a Godmother. All this because in 1963 we became sisters of Omega Delta Phi. Now I have had the good fortune to get to know more of you, my younger sisters through this alumni association. More joy………most of the time! Reality check. Being together for July reunions and our local mini reunions is so special. Serving on the BOT is both an honor and responsibility, and I will gladly continue to serve.

How would your sisters describe you?

How would my sisters describe me? I hope they would be kind. In fact, I would hope that they see me as I described myself at the top of this discourse.

Please describe your approach to communicating and working with the active membership.

From our perspective,we can see that these young women can use our support, both advisory and financial. However, we must attain a level of mutual respect. This may be achieved through clear establishment and understanding of our roles. This will aid in creating a positive relationship between us.

What are the top 3 things you would like the ODPAA and active membership to accomplish together?

Simply stated, goals both the active association and the alumni can accomplish are open lines of communication, adherence to our respective purposes, and maintaining the spirit of Omega.

How do you deal with difficult people & situations? Please describe a situation in which you took a position that upset someone else, and explain how you handled it.

In dealing with difficult people, I try to employ the 24 hour rule to cool off before I act. Then I go directly to the source. Face to face conversation with each party stating their position often leads to a better conclusion than engaging armies. As an addendum, don’t involve social media!

How do you motivate others?

To motivate others, one has to believe in the goal. Enthusiasm is contagious. I often engage others by working alongside them and becoming a worker bee. The hive only needs one queen!

How do you handle criticism?

When faced with criticism, I try to evaluate my actions or position and consider the other person’s point of view. This may be uncomfortable, but perhaps adds a measure of clarity. Being right or wrong isn’t nearly as important as peace in the house.

What top 3 qualities do you think a leader should have?

The three top qualities of a leader in my opinion are honesty, integrity, and a thick skin.

Would you rather be liked or respected?

It seems to me that to be liked or respected are interdependent terms. It would be difficult respect someone you don’t like or to like someone you don’t respect. As for me, I would like some of each depending on the circumstances. ( Did I tell you I’m a Gemini?)

For Fun: What’s your ‘superpower’ or ‘spirit animal’ and why?

Free time? I’ve been retired for 16 years and I am very good at it. I guess at this stage of life, it’s all free time, so here goes…Fortunately we get to spend lots of time with family and try not to miss any of the activities involving the adorable ones. As stated before, I am active in my church and continue to serve on a number of committees. This also leads me to help out at the Salvation Army soup kitchen from time to time. I work on an occasional basis with Pearson scoring teacher certification exams. Ed and I are subscribers at the Met, Proctors Theater in Schenectady, Glimmerglass Festival in Cooperstown, and our local playhouse. When not in the audience, I sing with Burnt Hills Oratorio Society. I play Bridge, Bunco, and belong to a wonderful book club.  We enjoy travel, spending some of the winter on Sanibel Island, and have travelled stateside and abroad. I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, but you get the idea. Life is good. (Wish I’d trademarked that!)

For Fun: What’s your ‘superpower’ or ‘spirit animal’ and why?

Superpower? I am woman. Isn’t that enough?

Is there anything else you would you like to share with your sisters?

I’ve probably said too much already, but I do look forward to meeting more of you as time goes on and it would be a privilege to continue serving with my sisters on the Board of Trustees.