Candidate For 2000s Legacy Representative: Jessica Rivers

Jessica Rivers
Jessica Rivers

Name:   Jessica Rivers
Pledge  Class/Year: Fall 2008
Officer  Position: First Vice President and 2000s Legacy Representative

As a prospective officer & leader of the ODPAA, what do you consider your greatest strengths? Weaknesses?  

I would consider my greatest strength to be my ability to be a team player and understanding of all sides. My greatest weakness would be my stubbornness.

If elected or re-elected to the position you seek, what is your commitment to serving out the full term?

I fully intend to serve the entire term, if elected.

Please describe accomplishments in your career and personal life that would benefit the ODPAA.

I am a stay at home mother of two toddlers which has definitely taught me patience. I have always been a hard worker, striving to do the best in all my endeavors.

What is your vision for the future of the ODPAA? What changes would you advocate and why?    

My vision for the future of ODPAA would be to see an equal representation of all our generations of Omega in the association. I am actively participating on the Constitution Committee, as I find this document to be the most important to the association and it is currently not serving the needs. I also believe in strengthening and nurturing the relationship with the Actives. I am fully aware and understanding that we are two separate entities but it is my belief that if both sides are on the same page then the work that is necessary between the two entities will not be strained and will be completed efficiently (Financial By-Laws).

If elected or re-elected, please describe what you seek to accomplish:

  • Within your first 90 days

Within the first 90 days I wish to work closely with the President to come up to speed on her goals in her position. I would like to work a plan with her to discuss how I can help to make her job less stressful. I would like to set an Events Committee as per the Constitution. As Legacy Representative, I would continue my work relaying pertinent information to the decade and continue to encourage association involvement.

  • Within your first year

Within the first year I would hope to be in sync with the President and her needs. As Legacy Representative I would like to see a 5% membership increase within the 2000s era.

  • Within your full term

I would like to see the VP have a small committee focused on the Constitution, as she is the Parliamentarian, ensuring its functioning properly for the needs of the organization. As Legacy Representative, I would like to see a 20% membership increase within the 2000s era.

What does Omega Delta Phi mean to you? Please describe your experience as both an active member and an alumni.

Omega means everything to me. Omega made my college years unforgettable. Beyond the lasting friendships, my time as an active Omega taught me so many life lessons that still apply to me today. As an alumni, I just recently got involved in the association. I am hoping that my involvement and desire to contribute will inspire others to get involved as well. Since becoming involved, I have had the pleasure of meeting a number of sisters I probably would not have ever met had I not been involved. Some, I get to talk to a few times a week! I’m truly grateful for that opportunity.

How would your sisters describe you?

In asking some of my closest sisters, some words they used to describe me were: Nurturing, compassionate, funny, strong willed, and independent.

Please describe your approach to communicating and working with the active membership.

The positions I am running for do not require any contact with the active membership. If it were necessary, my approach would be to be as open as possible with the actives. I would be as descriptive and understandable as possible so that the lines of communication would be clear and to prevent any misunderstandings.

What are the top 3 things you would like the ODPAA and active membership to accomplish together?

I would love to see a stronger working relationship, a collaborative plan on house repairs, and building a bridge to transition actives who are becoming alumni to participate in the ODPAA.

How do you deal with difficult people & situations? Please describe a situation in which you took a position that upset someone else, and explain how you handled it.

I try to avoid difficult people and situations but if I cannot, then I try to be as factual and patient as I can. When all else fails, I like to deflect with humor. Working for a small time in retail taught me A LOT about dealing with difficult people. Sometimes you just can’t make someone happy. A customer wanted a discount that I could not give them as per store policy. I tried to explain the ways she could obtain discounts but she was irate about it. After calmly explaining the store policy and the ways to get store coupons to no avail, I called my manager to the front to assist. After everything I had initially explained was repeated to her, she unhappily paid for the merchandise and left.

How do you motivate others?

I like to lead by example. I don’t believe I could tell someone how to do something without the ability to do it myself or at least try. I also like to encourage. Everyone needs to hear “you can do it”.

How do you handle criticism?

Although no one wants to be criticized, I’d like to think I handle constructive criticism well.

What top 3 qualities do you think a leader should have?  

Trustworthiness, integrity, and the ability to work with others

Would you rather be liked or respected?


How do you spend your free time?

I spend my free time with my family and friends. I love to go shopping (Target runs!). I love watching TV and movies with my husband and of course my daily dose of Moana as per my children!

For Fun: What’s your ‘superpower’ or ‘spirit animal’ and why?                  

I’d say my spirit animal is a dolphin. They are smart, social and altruistic. These are traits I believe encompass how we all wish to be seen and perceived. They are also beautiful and majestic. I’d like to be those things, too. (haha)

Is there anything else you would you like to share with your sisters?

I love Omega and just want to continue to contribute to the organization in any capacity I can.