Candidate For Vice President of Membership & Recruitment: Kimberly Brenon

Kimberly Brenon
Kimberly Brenon

Name: Kimberly Brenon
Pledge Class/Year: 
Officer Position: VP Memberhsip & Recruitment

As a prospective officer & leader of the ODPAA, what do you consider your greatest strengths? Weaknesses?

My greatest strength is recognizing my weaknesses and surrounding myself with people who are able to assist where I may struggle. I am willing to ask for help when needed and am not afraid of not always knowing the answer.

Another of strengths is that since I have a very analytical mind. I am able to process things not only as they are presented, but also figure out what may be missing. It also allows me to look at things more practically and see other points of view.

A weakness of mine is that I sometimes procrastinate with communications. I spend much of the day on the phone or emailing agents in my territories so when I am not at work I find myself avoiding reading my email or messages for a little while.

Another weakness is that I can be too direct at times. This has caused some unintentional offense in the past.

If elected or re-elected to the position you seek, what is your commitment to serving out the full term?

My dedication would be the same as any other responsibility I take on. I will perform to the best of my abilities with no intention of giving up or stepping down. Barring any massive unforeseen changes that life may bring, I plan to complete the full term of any position I may be fortunate enough to be elected to.

Please describe accomplishments in your career and personal life that would benefit the ODPAA.

Though I am the youngest in my department I was promoted to underwriter ahead of several people vying for the position who have been with the company much longer than I. In addition to that, I was also asked to create a training program and manual for new hires for multiple positions within my department. I was told this was due to the efficient ways I found to improve the current processes for many tasks. I am always the first to get new programs and test new systems so that I can provide feedback on whether or not I think it would benefit our department and what changes would need to be made. I am consistently exceeding goals each month while obtaining more additional responsibilities almost monthly.

What is your vision for the future of the ODPAA? What changes would you advocate and why?

My vision is one where the active house and alumni have a relationship based on sisterhood again, rather than one of parent & child as it currently seems. I would want the active house to be treated as future alumni, and not just as the group living in a house that means a lot. I would advocate better organization of everything so there is clear understanding what is expected of anyone at anytime. I would also want to provide the active house the tools for them to succeed, not only with the maintenance of the house, but also recruitment.

If elected … seek to accomplish…

  • 90 days:

I want to speak with the alumni who may have ‘tuned’ out in facebook groups and find out what the reasons are. then i will work to solve some of those issues. I want to ‘bring back’ at least 10 alumni. The number may now sound very high, but when you see the same handful of names posting all the time, 10 new people would make a noticeable impact.

  • First year:

Encourage 20 alumni who have not previously paid dues, to pay dues

  • Within full term:

Have increased participation from alumni from all generations

What does Omega mean…?

Omega is a place to come to to celebrate achievements, to share sorrows, to come together and encourage each other. It should not be just a group of women who happened to pledge the same sorority in college.

How would my sisters describe me?

I would hope that the would describe me as level headed.

Approach to communication with active house

I would approach them as the adults they are and understanding that they are still learning how to live on their own and figuring things out. Recognizing that they are still in college and have other obligations in addition to the ones to Omega.

Top 3 things ODP & ODPAA

  1. increase membership
  2. fundraise enough to completely repair & update the house so that we can take pride in our home again – this is a wishlist item but i am optimistic that it is possible in 5-10 years with the right plan.
  3. create a better working relationship, to foster trust and respect

How do you deal with difficult people? Explain…

I deal with difficult people all day long. I am continually argued with and second guessed. It comes with the territory of being an underwriter, especially one who is a full decade younger than any other underwriter they’ve dealt with. One of the things I do to keep my cool is to remember everyone is just doing their jobs, the same way i am trying to do mine.

One situation I ran into was an agent in my territory didn’t agree with an unusual approach i took and argued via email and then went to my manager and then to the company we represent. They didn’t feel that i made the correct decision, even after everyone else backed me. I called the agent and walked them through the decision. I told them that i understood they were just trying to do their job and do what they thought was best for their insured. Then i explained how what i did would end up benefiting the insured in the long run. This had been an agent who has given other underwriters a hard time also. They ended up thanking me and said that they appreciated having someone who they may not always like my decision, but that they could at least trust my judgement.

How do you motivate others?

I motivate others in a few ways depending on their personality and what would have the best chance at getting through to them. First i lead by example, i always strive to be my best in the hopes that it will encourage others to be their best. Second i try to notice what people are good at and match them up with tasks that would let them excel. Thirdly I sometimes don’t even give them a choice, I push them until they succeed.

How do you handle criticism?

I am my own harshest critic. There is nothing anyone could say to me that is worse than what I have said to myself. While some criticism still hurts, they are still nothing but words. If it is constructive criticism i try to look at what is being said objectively and use it to improve myself.

Top 3 qualities leader

  • Objectivity
  • ability to delegate
  • ability and desire to inspire the people they are leading

Liked or respected?

I would rather be respected. Anyone can like anyone, but you have to do something to deserve respect.

How do you spend your free time?

I spend my free time reading, hanging out with friends, watching Law & Order (the original , not the lame SVU without Stabler)

Superpower/ spirit animal

Well according to Pottermore my patronus is a Wolf so I’m just going to say that’s my spirit animal also. The general consensus around the internet is that those who have the wolf also have a strong connection with their instincts or intuition. High intelligence. Loyalty. A deep desire for freedom. They have a mysterious atmosphere about them and a strong instinct to fight for what’s right.