In Memory

My sister, do you really
know what you mean to me?

In Memory Of Our Beloved Sisters
Among the cherished faces pictured on Omega’s walls,
Among familiar voices that sound in 51 Elm’s halls.
The loving face of my sister is the dearest face I see,
Her gentle voice will forever have the sweetest sound to me.

Forever, I’ll remember you and my whole life through I’ll endeavor, to uphold the love that Omega taught to be true…

Rest in peace.

Susan Andrews Pierce
Susan Badt Wolf
Sharon Bresee Foster
Terri (Arlene) Crivalla Kirk
Nancy Dickson Earp
Rosemary Ellis Marino
Linda Estes Pirrello
Mary Fay Kwalik

Ellen Geiersbach
Kathleen Guzior Hall
Mary Ann Hauer
Pamela Hill
Mary M. Kazmierczak
Barbara Kerr
Dorothy Kiff Palma
Charlene Knapp Carey

Sue LaBarge Greene
Andrea Leccese Mercandetti
Susan McPhee Pope
Patricia Murphy
Julianne NoviczskiCarnevale
Ann Peterson Martinson
Monica Rada
Deborah Reynolds Clune

Cathy Simmons Sharp
Janet Lee Sodja
Sue Staley Kukowski
Suzanne Storey Secor
Theresa Sweeney
Linda Tait Dwyer
Donna Truax Madara
Lynda Turner