Greek Life At SUNY Potsdam

In light of recent alleged hazing incidents by a few Greek houses, SUNY Potsdam is evaluating whether or not there is a place for Greek Life on the Potsdam campus. In January 2013, SUNY Potsdam presented a New Member Education Program to all recognized houses for the Spring 2013 pledge period. Each house was given the opportunity to agree to the terms of the program or lose recognition. This new member program restricts the length of 'pledging' and all activities must take place in a public place. The Omega Delta Phi actives agreed to this program.

In February of 2013, SUNY Potsdam announced the formation of a Greek Life Task Force. This task force, made up of Greeks, non-Greeks,alumni, faculty and students, were charged with gathering information from all affected parties and make a recommendation to the President's Council on whether or not there is a place for Geek Life on campus. Public forums were held, questionnaires were released and visits to the active houses took place.

On May 16, 2013, the Greek Life Task Force submitted their recommendation to the President's Council that there is in fact a place for Greek Life on the SUNY Potsdam campus. On May 17, 2013, President Schwaller released a statement that the Council accepted the recommendation. The Task Force is now charged with the question of how the campus can help strengthen the Greek community while keeping the students safe.

The Omega Delta Phi Alumni Association has been instrumental during this entire process, working alongside other Greek Alumni Associations, our actives, the Greek Alumni Council and the All Greek Council. Our efforts to preserve Greek life on the SUNY Potsdam campus will continue as the Task Force next explores ways to eliminate problems that have plagued the system, and forge a proposal that will ensure abusive hazing and alcohol practices are removed from the program.

We encourage you to check back frequently for opportunities to voice your opinions and concerns and to keep up-to-date on the process. The Greek Life Task Force will spend the summer and the Fall 2013 semester studying how Greek organizations can best clarify and adhere to a role that is consistent with the core values of both SUNY Potsdam and the Greek community, and how the College and alumni can best support chapters in their service to students and the community. Input from students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community members will be essential to finding solutions that can work for Potsdam.

ODPAA members will receive periodic email updates as information is released. If you are not currently receiving these updates, please contact Margaret Saunders at with your current contact information.

What's New?
Posted February 7, 2014
Greek Life Task Force Final Report
The Greek Life Task Force's report is extensive so please take your time in reviewing it. Please note that there is a recommendation of limiting Greek membership to SUNY Potsdam students only. Please keep in mind this report reflects the task force's recommendations
which are still awaiting approval by the college. We are releasing it so you will know the study has been completed.
GLTF Final Report (PDF)
Greek Life Task Force on SUNY site.

Posted: July 22, 2013
PDF of Powerpoint used during Reunion Weekend Greek Alumni/GLTF Luncheon
Download PDF here.

Letter To All SUNY Greek Alumni
In an attempt to reach as many Greek Alumni as possible, the following letter is being sent via House Alumni Associations amongst other avenues to reach as many Greek alum as possible.

Link: Cover letter from ODPAA President Donnalyn Shuster

Link: Letter to all Greek Alumni

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