Heaven & Earth Progress

Heaven and Earth progress as of on March 12, 2018.
Here is a brief representation of the money that has been reported and collected by the Fundraising Team (FRT).

Goal: $48,000 by Q4 2019
As of 3/12/18 $22,871.87

As money is collected, the color in the House photo on this page will be filled in, reaching toward the roof!

As bricks are earned, the white bricks will become red and be labeled accordingly. Initials on a brick indicate that a sister has earned that brick.

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Additional Information!

Disclaimer: This does not include PayPal fees. (Currently $647.85)

Total number of sisters participating 170

# of sisters pledging monthly installments to date: 26, representing $8948 over the next 16 months if commitments are honored. ($549 x 16 + 164– outstanding for March)
*Some ladies did not start in September so this number should be higher but this is through September 2019.

In Memory:
In Memory of Patti Redmond Beckett – $460
In Memory of Sue McPhee Pope – $10
In Memory of Sue Labarge Greene – $10


DK Wives – $318
Sephora Raffle – $710 – complete ($230 completed the In Memory of Monica Rada brick, the remainder, $480 goes toward Christina Cohen’s personal brick since she is supplying the basket of goodies) There are tickets left to sell. Ellen Frketic won the raffle.
Officers and BOT 2018 – $168.54
BSW Diva Line – $104
Omega Kicks Asphalt: $258
Active Members $70