How To Support The Omega Delta Phi Alumni Association

A culture of support…
Our 50th Anniversary inspired ODPAA’s first formal fundraising campaign and donor recognition program, as well as a host of other donations and contributions. Support has come in the form of volunteering time, talents and services, contributing supplies, and donating funds. We hope all the activity since the 50th is the beginning of a long tradition of donor programs and a culture of giving in our sisterhood. These efforts will ensure strong financial support for the Omega sisterhood, active and alumni. Your support and generosity embody the character of Omega and we are truly grateful such amazing women are part of this sisterhood!

There are many opportunities for you to support the ongoing activities of the ODPAA.

The Officers of the Omega Delta Phi Alumni Association wish to thank you for your generosity, commitment, and support.

Choose how you wish to support the ODPAA from the many options below.

Forever Red - Pay Your Omega Alumni DuesPay Your Annual Dues
For just $25 per year, you have the privilege of knowing that you are supporting the ongoing activities of the ODPAA.

Your paid membership includes:

  • -Voting eligibility at alumni association meetings (live, teleconference, or online)
    -Eligibility to run for Executive Board positions
  • -Contribution to a general alumni fund in support of the active house and physical property at 51 Elm St.
  • -Access to the members-only section of the association website
  • -When published, a copy of all association publications

Our financial year runs from January 1 - December 31. New alumni will receive a complimentary membership through December 31 of the current year.
Make A Donation
You also have the choice to donate any amount you choose to a specific project or fund or to the general fund.

To do this click the donate button to the right, enter the amount you wish to donate and when prompted, indicate specifically where you would like your money to go - general operating fund, mansion fund, reunion, emergency, flower fund, etc. You can also use this opportunity to set up an automaticm recurring payment for your donations.

You can use your credit or debit card to make a donation. You do not need a PayPal account is use this option.

Omega Delta Phi banner

In addition to paying your membership dues, there are many other opportunities for you to support the ongoing activities of the ODPAA.

Volunteer your time and talents, donate items needed for house projects, come to a work weekend, participate in the exciting activities that both the alumni and actives work on together.

To update your information in our database or let us know of your volunteer availability, please contact Margaret Saunders at

Omega’s Ongoing Fundraising Efforts
The fundraising committee is in the process of creating an ongoing donor recognition program as well as developing specific campaigns for our fundraising needs.

The newest campaign is Rally for Red, a special fund that is designated solely for house repairs. Please click here to learn more about what is happening at the Mansion and to contribute to this fund.

As we vote on the next major repair project for the house at 51 Elm Street, we need to look at replenishing our accounts and planning for future projects.

Golden Gift Campaign
As of November 30, 2012, the Golden Gift fundraising campaign closed. This campaign has served Omega well and represents so much progress for our organization.

With Golden Gift we were able to:
- Run our first official fundraising campaign
- Create our first donor recognition program
- Raise more funds than any single effort in the history of OAA
- Designate a fund specifically for repairs and improvements at 51 Elm Street
- Ignite a culture of giving among our alumni

Thank you to everyone who participated in Golden Gift – your generosity was amazing!