Like branches on a tree we grow in different
directions yet our roots remain as one.

The Omega Delta Phi Alumni Association (ODPAA) was established in 1983 to create a unified organization to support and develop the present and past members of Omega Delta Phi Sorority.

The intent of this Association is to further communications amongst members, and to provide a forum for and preserve the ideals of the sisterhood that began as active members of Omega.

This association provides support for alumni, event planning, philanthropy, and bettering community and College relationships.

The ODPAA promotes the idea that being a sister of Omega Delta Phi is a lifelong privilege that continues long after college graduation. Our sisters are from every walk of life and represent every aspect of professions from entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, teachers, and so many more.

The ODPAA provides a support structure and development source that allows members to continue to impact the community.

The ODPAA provides a professional networking platform bound by sisterhood. The Association conducts events that bring alumni together in support of each other. The Association’s activities include, but are not limited to, fundraising, scholarship fund establishment, service programs and social events.