Officer Appointments

  The Omega Delta Phi Alumni Association (ODPAA) is excited to announce the following officer appointments: Property Manager: Vanessa Ford Maynard (Spring 2005) – This officer works to positively promote the Potsdam sorority experience by monitoring the ongoing maintenance and appearance of the property owned by Omega Delta Phi, Inc.(The active sisterhood). She will also will give advice, provide guidance and make recommendations regarding the property while working together with the Board of Trustees and the Alumni Association President. Voting Coordinator: Christina Bolya

Interim Officer Nominations

  Interim Officer Vacancies The Omega Delta Phi Alumni Association (Association) requests nominations to the following interim offices, to serve by appointment of the Board of Trustees (BOT) for the remainder of each term of office, until December 31, 2017. Board of Trustees Secretary/Administrative Director Like the President of the Association, the Board of Trustees Secretary/Administrative Director serves as a liaison and administrative lead for the BOT, in addition to duties as the Secretary of the Association. This position plays a dual role in

Voting Coordinator Nominations

Thank you all.  Voting Coordinator nominations for this session are now closed. The Omega Delta Phi Alumni Association (Association) requests nominations for the office of Voting Coordinator. The Voting Coordinator will be appointed by the Board of Trustees (BOT). The Voting Coordinator works with the BOT to organize and fulfill the electoral process, including call for nominations for elected positions, preparing the ballot, scheduling the vote, utilizing voting tools to ensure an impartial, transparent and accurate vote, and tabulating and

2017 Reunion Weekend Philanthropy: School Supply Drive

The Omega Delta Phi Alumni Association realizes the importance of giving back to the community that we called home during our college years. For Reunion Weekend 2017  we gathered school supplies to donate to the St. Lawrence Avenue Elementary School. When we delivered the supplies, we were met with enthusiasm by school staff but more importantly gratitude. Since many of us are in the education field, we see on a daily basis the importance of students having the proper supplies to