Voting Coordinator Nominations

Thank you all.  Voting Coordinator nominations for this session are now closed.

The Omega Delta Phi Alumni Association (Association) requests nominations for the office of Voting Coordinator.

The Voting Coordinator will be appointed by the Board of Trustees (BOT). The Voting Coordinator works with the BOT to organize and fulfill the electoral process, including call for nominations for elected positions, preparing the ballot, scheduling the vote, utilizing voting tools to ensure an impartial, transparent and accurate vote, and tabulating and publishing voting results.

The Voting Coordinator must be in good standing with the Association, being a paid dues member. The Voting Coordinator cannot be a candidate during the voting period.

Sisters may submit nominations by Saturday, August 5, 2017 to the BOT for consideration by contacting interim President, Margaret “Maggs” Saunders via email at

Job Description

Voting Coordinator

The Voting Coordinator role is responsible for the execution of the Association Voting By-Laws. The Officers will designate a ‘Voting Coordinator for each voting session. The designated Voting Coordinator cannot be a candidate during the voting period. There is no term limit for this role, unless the Officers or 60% of those eligible to vote request a new Voting Coordinator be designated.


The Voting Coordinator has fiduciary responsibility to ensure that all Alumni Association voting shall be guided by the principles of impartiality, transparency and accuracy.

Responsibilities / Tasks

 Follow all the on-line and on premise voting procedures designated in the Association Voting By- Laws.

  •  Maintaining impartiality throughout the voting period.
  •   Insure that Non-Active members have been advised of their membership status prior to any Association wide voting session.
  •   Insure that non-Active members have the opportunity to pay current dues to allow them to vote in any Association wide voting session.
  •   Organizing the electoral process, including ballot preparation.
  •   Designating the length and dates of the Voting Periods.
  •   Utilize automated voting tools, which allow for electronic on-line voting, and update those tools as necessary.
  •   Prepare and submit to the Finance Committee an annual budget that relates to the activities and items required to perform this position.
  •   Maintaining all voting systems utilized.
  •   Tabulating votes.
  •   Publishing voting results.
  •   Not divulging voting results until all votes are tabulated, the voting period is closed, and results are published to the Membership.
  •   Publish results to the membership.Completion of PositionReview the position with the new Voting Coordinator and provide a written note to successor and any other materials developed during her tenure, including a uniform Voting Coordinator handbook with guidelines, ideas, and suggestions for the new Voting Coordinator. In addition, the Voting Coordinator will transfer all documents, memorabilia, and photos/videos/written account to the new Voting Coordinator.